Best lightweight reverb?

Hi, I am starting to get all of my VSTis onto my laptop to start having even more fun in Cantabile! :slight_smile: I now have Omnisphere on there. DIVA is proving to be the expected resource hog(!), and Aurturia V is now download on the laptop and ready for install (the joys of a slow internet connection is that that took all day).

Anyway, I am interested in people’s opinions on the best reverb out there that is a) not too expensive and b) is quite light on resource load whilst still sounding reasonable.

I started looking at the Valhalla plugins, but thought I would see what other members are using to get some ideas on what is best to audition.

Thanks in advance


+1 on the Vahalla’s. I’ve stopped using the Eventide’s Ultrareverb since getting a couple of them. I think they sound purer and more musical.

Valhalla surprisingly great for such low footprint.
I like 2c Breeze as well.
BTW it’s definitely worth checking out the performance mode of jbridge for both Diva and any resource hungry reverb.
That one extra buffer makes no significant difference to a reverb - a tiny little extra predelay. Diva, I’m ok with it at 256 if it means the rest of my system can operate safely at 128.

Valhalla here as well - VintageVerb, FreqEcho and Room…



I’m using warmverb from tone2 because it’s a multi fx. So I can use it on voice also. Not perfect but does the job.

I am in love with the Reverberate2 reverb with its “Fusion IR” approach.

I also like MH HaloVerb quite a lot.

Eventide’s “Black Hole” is unrivaled for what it can do.

Many folks like 112db’s Redline Reverb and the Valhalla Reverbs. But I prefer the ones listed above.


Valhalla and Eventide here! Mainly Valhalla, but I use Blackhole on a couple things and I like the Eventide eqs.

Thanks, everybody for the suggestions. That gives me plenty of options for me to look at as well as the Valhalla ones :slight_smile:

The good thing about a community like this is that you can ask and find out what works for others.

I’m looking forward to getting my laptop fully setup with my VSTi collection and experimenting to see how Cantabile and the collection can allow even more fun on stage in terms of it opening up the sonic palette available to me. :slight_smile:


Hi, I thought I read somewhere in some previous thread that this Jbridge “trick” was not really saving much but it appeared to because the processing was not showing in Cantabile’s load meter? If you can confirm that it gives a definite saving, I’ll definitely look at it as my laptop is not a high spec one, but hopefully good enough to allow me to play a VST as well as backing tracks (anything I don’t play live will be mixed down to an audio track.

I would describe it as a stability thing.
Yes, the processing is offloaded. It’s not that the host is handling the plugin in more efficiently - it’s just that the plugin is being processed independently.
I have been able to take ‘crackle’ situations and turn them into playable situations with jbridge’s performance mode. It is simply adding an additional buffer.
Technically, it is using more CPU -but that is offset, I believe, by this performance mode.
Why not try the demo and see how it goes? That’s the only way to see how it works for you.

Ok. Thanks, will take a look at using JBridge with Cantabile. I already purchased a copy since Steinberg dropped 32 bit plugin support in Cubase 9, but I still have 32 bit plugins that I wish to run (including Steinberg ones!!) as not everything I have has a 64 bit version. And that’s when I found that Jbridge is actually better than the built in bridge in Cubase 8!

So when I get time I’ll try JBridge with Cantabile and Diva.

I just realised that I’ll need to install it anyway as I have a Moog Taurus VST that I want to install and which is 32 bit only…

Thanks for the advice.


Also, there was a version 1.75 (beta) version of jBridge released in December that addressed some issues in Cantabile and in Cubase.

jBridge 1.75 ( changes from v1.74x):

  • Fix for bug in auxhost unitialization routines.
  • Potential fix for sound clicks with some plugins when selecting presets in Cantabile 3.
  • Disabled the “run as admin” warning for better compatibility with Cubase 9.
  • Other minor fixes.

It is the main download now – I just checked – so the “beta” title is no longer the case, I suppose.


Hi, all. I’ve been lurking here for a few weeks and figured it was time to say howdy. First post.

You can’t go wrong with ValhalaRoom. Lightweight and versatile, it’s what’s in my Cantabile chain behind Zebra. For other instruments such as Omnisphere, VB3 and Keyscape, I find it more convenient to use their own built-in reverbs. In the studio, though, VRoom is my first-call algorithmic reverb for almost everything. You won’t find a better bang for your 50 bucks.


Howdy, and welcome. :slight_smile:

I think I will be looking seriously at the Valhalla reverbs to start off with based on the responses so far - good price (after splurging out a fair bit recently on some new VSTis :blush: ) and it is getting good feedback. Will investigate some of the others later.


I’ll add another +1 to the Valhalla reverbs. They get used on pretty much everything here. I’ve even set up Ambisonic versions of them for my Ambisonic mixes.
Room is great for natural spaces. Vintage Verb is a great character reverb. Shimmer is great for luscious pads. Ubermod works well on pads too.
I don’t yet have Plate but will probably pick it up soon.

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Thanks. I have been quite time poor of late, so have not progressed setting my laptop up, but will hopefully have time from next week on and I will be checking out the suggestions, but it looks like Valhalla will be the first port of call on a light weight and light cost option.


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Just thought I should mention that PSPAudioware is having a sale on several of its items through March 22nd, including EasyVerb ($29 instead of $69), PianoVerb2 ($19 instead of $49), 2445 EMT ($99 instead of $149) and the one I picked up, SpringBox ($29 instead of $99). Read more from the “Reverbs” menu on their page.

EasyVerb is very versatile and is very lightweight, which is why I’m mentioning this!


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Ta. Will need to check them out as well before 22nd. Have been bogged down in work recently, but back hoem now, and want to get back to sorting my music laptop (inc reverb) out!


How about really low Cpu Delays ?
I have Waves, NI’s etc …sound great and all that but something without all the nicelooking graphics or whatever that could affect CPU.

There’s lots of delays that LOOK like they could be cpu light (especially the free ones)

  • but they are usually 32 bit - and that’s a problem, right ? because one needs a 64 bit plugin for a 64 bit machine to avoid conversion ?
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GVST is a package of plugins which are bare bones and very useful. No flashy graphics. Some useful delays in there.

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