Best lightweight multi-effects plugin


Following on from the great info discussed in the Best Lightweight Reverb thread, I wanted to ask for opinions on a good, basic multi-effects plugin. I’m looking for a really light weight, multi-effects plugin to add to other sounds such as dry lead / poly synths, with basic chorus, delay, reverb at least. I know I could make a rack for this comprising of other individual plugins, but I’d like to keep this simple, and keep the plugin count down, as I’m anticipating having quite a few of these running simultaneously. It doesn’t have to have the best reverbs, best chorus etc., but it should be really usable, light on Cantabile load, and good enough.

I’ve tried LFX-1310 (32-bit only) and SpaceStrip (too subtle for what I need). Any suggestions?



The Korg Legacy Collection MDE-X runs pretty light, and comes 64-bit now.



Try Warmverb from Tone2. Not perfect, but does the job.

I got it free :wink:


Hey, that Tone2 plug looks nice! I usually just string together separate FX but an all-in-one could be really useful for certain situations. So many synth vsts have their effects built-in it’s not a big issue these days …


take a look at Air Xpand!2. I picked it up over Christmas for the insane price of $1.00. I don’t think it’s on sale any more, but still a good lightweight synth.


Thanks, I have Xpand!2 and it’s great, but I’m looking for a multi-effects processor plugin, rather than a synth. Unless it can work as an effects processor?



My bad, I did not read your original post very carefully. Xpand is a great plugin with multiple patches, but it’s not a multi-effects plug in.



  • Guitar Rig
  • MAGMA (many effects, simple modulation possibilities, custom VST insert)
  • Turnado
  • MUX Modular (modular system with some build in effects)

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Actually, I do use GR as a general effects unit for some things and it can work pretty well! I love putting the Space Echo on synths.


I has even vocoders, so it’s very versatile.


Thanks for all your responses, guys, very helpful!! I already have Guitar Rig, and never thought to use it on synths - duh! It’s actually working out really nicely, doing everything I need (and as @FredProgGH says, that Space Echo is great for synths!).

I also tried putting VB3 through some of the Guitar Rig amps/cabinets, with interesting results…

Warmverb and MDE-X also look really good though - I may have to get hold of them too at some point.

Thanks all!



Try totally free Sanford Reverb. Light, powerful. Works for me - studio or live.


Hi @BrionBell !
We are talking about multi-effects here :wink:

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… this thread is too young to die,
so I add some good stuff here:

  • Zebrify
  • SerumFx

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