Bench/stool suggestions


I usually stand at my keyboard when playing live as I think it adds just that little something to the showmanship. However, with 2 sustain pedals and a volume pedal, I’ve been finding that spending 3-4 hours on one foot has been throwing my back for a loop. I’ve been completely non-functional the next day.

All you lazy bastards who sit at your gigs, what have you had luck with bench wise? Drum thrones? Piano benches?


This lazy @#$#@% uses both

also use and recomend

if you like drum stool type very comfy and has optional backrest/lumbar attachment.



I use a stool that is slightly too tall so I won’t sit flat. I stand a lot, but I somewhat sit on the edge when using pedals. I hate using a bench, and have used drum thrones (was a drummer in the 70’s) a few times, but really like leaning on the stool edge. It is easier to kick a stool off the stage than a bench…ala Jerry Lee Lewis. :sunglasses: :musical_score: :notes: :notes: :notes:


Anything Gibraltar - when it comes to thrones :slight_smile: