Behringer x-touch mini

I just purchased the Behringer x-touch mini. I’ve been successful in setting up the buttons to control song/preset selections with Program Changes

The control dials are a different story. After setup the routes and binding and then exit Cantabile and return the top level routing is Red, so the dials don’t work, yet the buttons are still working. Weird.

I have Brad checking it out, but I was curious if anyone is successfully using this unit. Thanks

I did some additional testing and was successful with the X-touch routing staying active in a number of other songs So I just need to figure out what the specific song problem is.

Hey @lorne.white,

I replied to your email. I suspect you’re adding a route to a locked state. Let me know if you still can’t get it sorted.


Yes, it was locked. User problems (again) :smirk:

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