Behringer DS-80


So the rumours are true…


Behringer seems to like building prototypes and teasing crap, like car companies building concept cars they have no intention of actually putting into production. What do they plan to actually build? I have to say this makes me more, er, tumescent, than anything else so far. If they build it I WILL HAVE ONE. Especially if it is light enough for one person to carry, doesn’t break every three days and costs less than a decent used car.

I wonder if they’ll do a Prophet-10?


As you may be aware, the patents for these original synths are expiring, so it allows Behringer (and others) to build these clones. Behringer are using their mass production experience to get economies of scale the smaller manufacturers cannot achieve - although maybe they will cotton on and partner with companies like Behringer. And of course they are not charging a “boutique factor”, and also going for high turnover, smaller margin because they can mass produce.

Looking at their Moog Clone. Would I spend £3.4K on the real deal? If money and space were no object, probably. But you’d be a fool not to check out what a Behringer Model D can give you for a fraction of the price. Few punters will care about the difference in the price if they like what comes out of those speakers, and apart from purists looking at waveforms on a scope, who is really going to notice when the sound is in a mix?

I am sure the DS80 will be the same, and they would not announce it if they are not serious.

A Prophet 10 and Matrix 12 would be cool!


They seem to be pretty serious about the CS. Some others, like the VCS3 possibly have prototypes but it’s tough to tell- they made announcements but seem to be backing off.


I’ll be interested in somebody opening up a DS80. I’ve always thought Behringer was a software company thank makes hardware. Could the DS80 be a software instrument with a nice (and colorful) front panel and aftertouch keyboard?


NThey are primarily a hardware company that mass produces, hence the economy of scale they can achieve. Turnover and small margin instead of small production runs and higher “boutique” margins.

So I assume it will be all mostly hardware. To do a software version would be to compete with Arturia and the like, and I don’t think that is their target. I would not by a DS80 if it was software based as that replicates what I have already (Arturia CS80V, Cantabile and a keyboard).

There’s no doubt Moogs are gorgeous to look at, but what matters in the end is the sound emitted and can you justify a significant difference between a Behringer D or or DS80 against an original.


Josh from JHS did a Vlog on Behringer a couple of weeks ago.

He pointed out that they’re the only source for the “Classic” BBD chips used in all of the boutique analog delays, choruses, flangers… made now, having reissued them for their own products.