Beginner's question - can I get away with using Solo?

Hello all - I’ve started playing with a trial version of Solo to see whether this version can do all I need it for.

I’m looking to start using pre-recorded tracks with my covers band to add extras such as backing vocals, additional percussion and so on to our set. This I can do easily enough using a couple of media players for the audio, together with a click for the drummer.

Here’s where I start to get confused. If possible I’d like also to have Cantabile sending out midi programme and control changes to my Voicelive 3 and/or TC Electronic Nova System - I’m getting a bit old for tapdancing these days. Lastly, as vague ambitions for the future it would be great to do simple lighting scene changes synced to the music via midi/DMX control, and experiment with going ampless with my guitar playing. Are all these things possible with Solo, or would I need to go to Performer to do this sort of thing? I’ve been reading up about the various limitations of the Solo edition but a lot of it is still going way over my head.

Many thanks for any help you could give!



Media player control over such things will require Performer, as Solo permits inputs to the bindings as your hardware controllers, the PC keyboard, the Onscreen Mini Keyboard, and View, but not the Media Player.

We discussed many of the things the Media Player can accomplish using Bindings in Performer in this webinar:

But also see the docs:
Media Players - Cantabile