Beginner needs help - bindings for States and FCB1010

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Dear all, three months ago I bought Cantabile 3 Performer. After many visits and reading in this forum, I know meanwhile a little bit how to build Songs, States, Racks and working with Bindings.
Looking for a controller to step through Songs and States for performing on stage I bought a FCB1010 and EurekaProm. Eureka seemed for me to difficult and I returned to the original Eprom.
My problem: I create a binding( Inputport from FCB, Ch1, Program Change, contr1, SetList, Next Song or Part). This works well. I’m able to step forward through all States and Songs pushing down Contr1 on FCB.
If I create a second binding to step backwards (Inputport from FCB, Ch1, Program Change, contr3, SetList, Previous Song or Part) the following happens - Pushing FCB Contr1 Cantabile jumps forward and then backwards, pushing FCBContr.3 Cantabile jumps forward. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

My 2.problem - I want to use FCB1010 only for stepping Songs+States (with contr 1+3). The two ExpressionPedals are for rotary(B4, Ch1) and master volume of Cantabile.
Rotary control works well with Bining (inputport FCB Ch1 Controller, Ch1, B4rackmidiIn, Ch1 Controller1(mod) o-127).
The second ExprPedal for Volume is only triggering the volume of B4. How can i use it for Cantabiles Master Volume?

My last question and 'im very thankful for your patience. On FCB I only want to use Contr1 + Contr 3. All the others should do nothing. (With big feet on stage I dont want to touch any other Contr. than 1+3).
How can I deactivate all the other controller?

Hope, my questions are not too banal. I know, I’m still a beginner. Thank you.

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Hi Walle

Can you kindly post a screenshot of your bindings? It would help to see where you are on this.
I use a Line6 pedal to change states forward, and backwards. I also can change to the next song in the set list. Since my pedal is a constant on stage, I put bindings within the background rack. That way, I don’t have to repeatedly put the bindings into a song.
I also have backup bindings on my keyboard controllers’ pads.


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Here are my bindings in the background rack for my FBV foot pedal.

Right click the master volume slider, use the learn feature to bind your pedal to the master volume.

If they aren’t assigned, they should be ok, but if you have assigned them, you will need to delete the bindings for those switches. Or…you could make a rack for your pedal, and use filters to stop those signals from your pedal switches.

Hi Corky, thank you very much for your answer. Background Rack created, Mastervolume works now.
The problem with stepping states is still present. With a single binding in Backgroundrack (either "Next … “or " previous …” and one pedal it works. Forward and backwards with two different Pedals on FCB does not. It seems, that it is depending from the bindings order. Forward works, backwards Cantabile jumps for example from state 10 to 11 and then to 9. Or vice versa Backwards works and Forward lets Cantible jump from 9 to 8 and then to 10.
There are only three bindings in backgroundrack. Mastervol, and
Inputport from FCB Ch1 ProgrChange Contr 1 Set List Next Song or Part

Inputport from FCB Ch1 ProgrChange Contr 3 Set List Previous Song or Part
Don’t know, how to upload a screenshot. I’ll try it


Where you have “program change”, you probably need a controller, like my example above, but “Set List” and “next song/previous song” are correct.

Screenshot again, your states. I don’t see any bindings for states. Just for clarification, in Cantabile “states” are usually within a rack or in a song. They have nothing to do with what we are discussing. Just remember, you are using a controller to advance/previous songs within a set list by using bindings. Just wanted you to understand the “terminology” of Cantabile. I know other VST hosts refer to songs as states, but it is different here.

Here my “Test Project”

I understand, that i have to use a controller instead of a ProgramChange. But till now, my trials with controller are not successfull. But why does it work with one binding: ProgramChange - either forward or backward?

Hi Walle,

The bindings you made are fine, I think the problem is that the FCB1010 can send up to 5 PG changes per preset change. The 5 PG slots per preset default to PG1 FWIW. To correct this you need to edit the presets in the F1010 pedal to have only one PG change enabled per preset pedal press. There is an editor from Mountain utilities if you can get it working it may help the editing part




Hi dave_dore. That was it. Thank you very much.

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