Beauty of Binding

The beauty of competition is that it drives innovation. Every piece of software has its fundamental approach and a unique identity, even if there are inevitable crossover areas.
The recent topic on Gig Performer had me examine an area of bindings which I haven’t really delved into yet; that of binding the controls of one plug to the controls of other plugins.
With such a scheme, it becomes easy to take a GUI with a nice, useful, knob (No ‘Carry On’ double entendre intended, Mrs) and use it as the basis for addressing whatever you like. For example, this totally inoffensive Blue Cat gain plug in is supplying control to the filters of a Synth 1 and a Diva.

With this in mind, would it not be a reasonably simple task to create a plugin which allows for a selection of knobs and sliders to be employed purely as a centralized screen control of plugins?

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That’s a good idea, @Ade!
I’m in this second googling how to build such Midi-Plugins…
Can’t be that hard.

Just found an old thread:

so Bidule can do it (but it has no shiny interface :slight_smile:
also Ableton Live can be used for mapping vst parameters to macro controls

Update!: there is a posibility to add a custom control button in C3,
including popup slider. :smiley:

kind regards, Alexander

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