Bass Pedal plugin from Cherry Audio - Lowdown

What an idiot!

Never saw the [Demo] link. Downloaded now and …

Lowdown works great with a Wind Synth … mapped the pedals to Breath and Elevation (the Sylphyo has an internal gyro that reports 3-axis orientation) and it is really flexible …

I just bought their latest offering, “Sines” and it’s pretty amazing.

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Beware, highway men alert… :wink:


I bought Lowdown a couple of moths ago to simulate electronic organ bass sounds. It has a very fundamental tone and I like it very much.

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I tried it out at rehearsal last night.


All it seems to lack is a bit of ‘bite’ - real Taurus have a tiny bit of distortion during the Taurus preset sustain phase. That doesn’t show itself in this emulation, but to be fair I could never get it in my own sampled emulations either.


Which MIDI bass pedal can be recommended for controling the Lowdown or other Synths?

I found these (a bit expensive):

Ketron K 8
Studiologic MP-113 and Studiologic MP-117

There are several posts about DIY bass pedals on this forum.

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An old set of Roland PK-5 would be my choice. They do a good job. Pity about the external PSU, but I had mine modded to put the PSU inside where it belongs.


I revisited shopping bass pedals after reading this thread. I bought an Elka PM13 on ebay for $125 that is labeled “Parts” but in the description the seller explains that he bought it with a group of other products from a studio and doesn’t have any 5 pin midi to test it. He is a 100% seller with over 5000 items sold so my hunch is that the pedals probably work fine or at best I might need to take them apart and clean the contacts.


Here it is:



All working OK?

Click on the pic, it takes you to a video with sound …

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So, a Rush tribute band is in your future? :laughing:


How did I miss that!? :upside_down_face:

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I’ve been running Lowdown through rehearsals. It has the band’s approval, so I will be using it on stage on Saturday. I’ll be interested to hear how it feels through a full PA, since I use in-ears! I will still miss my Taurus, but I will be happy to know they’re safely back in the studio.

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I really bought it to try the light rhythmic tapping of the chord root when playing hammond trio style to get that extra bass into the bass lines

Lowdown is worthy.


I had time today to take the cover off the Elka PM13. After removing the remains of what must have been a Tarantula I cleaned the key contacts which were like all the Fatar keyboards I’ve cleaned up or repaired. Then I used a tiny amount of white lithium grease on the top of the pedals where they meet a rubber bumper because that was sticking a little. I lubricated the “axle” the pedals rotate on. Plays perfectly now. The pedals are well constructed, I saw someone online stating that they didn’t think they would hold up to gigging but I think if you had a soft case to carry them in they should be fine.


Starting to get the hang of playing simple bass lines on the pedals - have to put my chewing gum somewhere first :grinning: