Basic midi input to cantiblile lite

Hello forum!

I am a new user and trialling Cantabile Lite with a view to using it my home studio. I am attempting to trigger a vst instrument via a midi cable input into my rme babyface pro on windows 10. The babyface pro midi input doesn’t appear in the list of available assignments when I right-click on “in: midi keyboard” under Midi Ports in the Options settings. The babyface pro appears to be correctly assigned as the asio interface and I get output when I assign the in:midi keyboard to the onscreen keyboard. I am able to access the rme baby face pro as a midi input in my daw applications like studio one , reaper and sequoia, so I’m certain that the basic chain passes midi ok.

So, two question from a rank newbie to Cantabile:

  • Does Cantabile Lite support using an external midi source?
  • Is there anything basic I might be overlooking due to my inexperience with Cantabile?

Thanks for your kind attention, and may your music be latency free!


Hi July and Welcome!

  • Yes, it supports external MIDI source

  • Not sure, you might want to try the startup video and the manual and examine MIDI port setup.

It sounds like the MIDI port for the Babyface has not been configured. This is a user process not done automatically by the program. In short you need to add a port and name it and then open it for editing so you can check the appropriate MIDI source box for it. (in your case the babyface port)