Bank/Patch Button help

Hi guys,

I want to use the Bank/Program number buttons for various On/Off switches on a Roland XP-80. Assigning a task for each button using Program Change or Sys-Ex data is all good, the trouble I have is when I select a new bank whatever program button is active at that time gets activated with the new bank. I need the program button to activate only when physically pressed. Does anyone have an idea how to manage that or am I just wasting my time on it?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi Al,

I don’t know if this will help but it sounded like you needed to split the PC and the Banked messages into 2 ports so I built a rack to do it here. I had to create the 2nd output port and renamed them to help mark them.

Banked PC Splitter.cantabileRack (10.5 KB)

Basically you send the XP-80 MIDI massages to it and it splits the CC0 and CC32 massages from the PC messages and routes the 2 to different ports. In the example here I used Synth1 to check the rack functions.


Inside you’ll find 2 bindings to handle the banked part and a route with a filter to handle the PC
part that suppresses the CC0 and 32 messages. Let me know if it helps.


I think that @Tweaker’s question is less about MIDI handling inside Cantabile, rather about the behavior of the XP-80.

Am I correct in assuming that you want to use the bank/program buttons of the XP-80 (the ones underneath the display) to operate things in Cantabile?

As far as I can recall (I used to own an XP-80 years ago), selecting a different bank on the XP-80 automatically also loads a program in that bank (the one corresponding to the currently selected “program” button). So pressing a bank button will always also result in a program change being executed - I don’t believe there is a way around that. It’s just the way the XP-80 operates.

These buttons are just not primarily designed as “master keyboard controls”; rather they are designed to quickly select patches in the classic Roland 8x8 method. There is no system setting that will make them behave differently, AFAIK.

Guess you’ll need to work within the constraints of this system, I’m afraid…



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Thanks Torsten I wasn’t sure. :slight_smile:

I have the free bank editor someone created for the XP-80 years ago. It’s somewhere in the digital dump I call my system.

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The ChangeIt for JV XP and Korg 01, or the winXP. Back to '90s :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I would never have found it without your post :grinning:

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While I was looking up Roland XP-80 I saw someone listing one on ebay for $1200 so I checked on Reverb and saw similar prices. Hmmm…maybe it’s time to move mine.

Hey @dave_dore I’ll check it out. Thanks.

You are correct @Torsten. I was hoping I might have missed something. Thanks for confirming.

Good to hear @dsteinschneider. I should do the same. Thanks.

I got it figured out guys. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I can use the number keypad instead of using the Bank/Program number keys. I can jump to any program slot I want to from there without worry of activating a button I didn’t want to. I now have an extra 8 buttons available from any of 16 banks and that opens up a whole lot of future bindings planning for me. I might just hang onto the ole’ dog for awhile. LOL


Well crap…

I was excited about bringing more controls to the keyboard and it sounded like a good work around but every attempt I made to have a constant bank of controls and still send program changes always ended up to be a disappointment and a clunky way of doing things.

I’m on a quest to eliminate gear and wanting to cut out a control surface so I think I’ll try Song State changes next. I have two buttons dedicated to that. And the beat goes on…