Background Rack - Midi In / Midi Out

I just noticed that the background rack has midi in and midi out, and now I can’t stop wondering if there is any (smart) use for these. Anyone used them for anything? Just curious.

All of my basic Cantabile control sits in the BR, especially transport, song/state selection and hardware mixer control (e.g. to open/mute stage mic). It’s the place to put all of the common immutables.

Thanks. How do you use the dedicated MIDI In and MIDI Out? I am getting and sending all the midi through the midi ports defined in Options, but I’m in doubt how to reach the in and out port on the background rack from the outside. Or, rather I’m in doubt if I want to reach them at all?!?

I split all my hardware inputs into ‘performance data’ (notes, pitchbend, pedals, etc) and ‘controls’ (buttons, sliders, etc). I then route only ‘controls’ to the BR.

I might not have been completely clear in my question, it is not about the background rack in general, but very specifically about the midi ports (and audio ports) on the rack. If I open the midi ports for the background rack it looks like any other rack, i.e.:

And I am trying to figure out how these two midi ports works. Can I send and receive midi data through them from outside of the background rack, and if so, how do I do it? And why would I want to do it? So far the only time I have noticed them is when editing the background rack, not anywhere else.

They are there because all racks have default MIDI In & Out but in the case of the BG rack you can’t route to it directly. The 2 ports can be used however as a loopback for processing if needed. At least that’s my understanding Torsten.



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That makes a lot of sense.

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Ah, I see. I hadn’t realised I was responding to a village elder! :grinning:

Nope, I don’t use those ports.


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