Background rack bindings

How do I transfer background rack bindings to a new installation of Cantabile?

The backgroundrack-bindings are saved inside your background rack.

Open Cantabile, go to Options -> File Locations. There you can find the folder where your backgroundrack-file is saved. You can backup it by selecting “Save Current Background Rack as”.

Go to your new machine, copy the background-rack file to whatever folder you prefer. Open your new installation of Cantabile, go to Options -> File Locations and select the background-rack file.

Done! :wink:


Just for info, I have stopped using the background rack. I used to use it for patch change bindings from my hardware synths to select songs. But it was getting unwieldy when I started getting several sets.

I now have my bindings that used to be in the background rack in a linked rack. I have one linked rack for each set, and just drop it in each song in the set. That works much better.

Till now I don’t have any issues with using the background rack and I have more than 500 bindings inside the rack… I never counted them :wink:


Yes, that is how I used to work until I twigged that each set list could effectively have its own equivalent of the back ground rack by using linked racks, which makes things more self contained and easier to maintain. :slight_smile:

I had asked Brad if each setlist could have it’s own background rack, and then realised that linked racks will give you the same, such is the power and flexibility of Cantabile.

The great thing with Cantabile is that we have a choice of how to do things, so just thought I would share what I am doing now. :slight_smile:



Interesting- I transferred the background rack file to the new Cantabile installation. Background rack Routings were present and accounted for but not of my background rack Bindings are present. :astonished: