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We are excited to be back out playing with 3 less band members and two additions for replacement. It all worked out for the best. Using C3 for B3X, Omni and Keyscape. The Montage covers everything else. I only posted our Creedence songs for starters. Not much for keys, and our drummer is a little spastic. Female singer and guitarist are the new members.


Hey John,

I’m Glad you are able to perform and entertain folks again. :+1: It looked like the crowd was ready for some live music and dancing, great to see that too. My area is also beginning to book live music again, I will be starting next week so I’ll see how it goes from there.



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All pub rock bands have to do Proud Mary at some point (and yes I have!). Good to see life returning. Need to think about what I do next before it gets too late…

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The gigs are coming hard and heavy my way. Looks like I will be back to my normal schedule in a couple of weeks. Rehearsals are also increasing. Was thinking about slowing things up pre-Covid anyway, but I am glad everyone is getting to work now.


It’s amazing how hungry people are for some live music after all this. It feels great.

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I’ve also noticed how much people are enjoying live music again. They are packing the clubs I’ve visited lately. Also noticing the rise in DUI arrests. Festivals are popping up like crazy here. Good to see you performing again John. I am so glad the musicians in my area are working again. Many of us did what we could to help them survive through all this. The smile on their faces while performing has been a great payback for me. I just disregard their overplaying, as I truly understand. :wink:


I’m a bit manic in work right now and summer time I prefer to sit outside whilst I can, so probably will not think about live music for a few months, but it would be good to line up a project for the autumn when the nights start drawing in again


Well I bit the bullet last night and asked other Welsh Floyd members “what next?” And we agreed it needs one more shot at getting up and running again. So tomorrow morning, before I head outside into the lovely Welsh weather (which you have to make the most of whilst it is here!) I will be dusting down some Floyd which I have not touched in over a year now… Wish me luck!


I played at a Jam last night for the Blues Society. People were filming, so if I get my hands on the videos, I will post it. Had a good time!


SCHWEET! Great to see!


SOooo Coool! Thanks for posting, Howifeel. I’m playing with a startup band tomorrow for the first meet-and-greet. Happy Days will be here again soon.


Glad to hear! You guys have a very high quality professional show! People need good entertainment.

Hope it goes well!

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I am surprised at how new bands are leaping forward in this new market. The demand is overwhelming, it seems.

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I agree. The venues are calling us instead of visa-versa. Tips are like 200% more than pre-pandemic. People are happy to hear live music…they are starting new free live concerts in Handy Park (Beale Street) everyday for 10 weeks. The demand is very overwhelming…but welcome.


John, I saw another one of your group’s Youtube videos. Good stuff. I also liked your comment about how to get gigs, especially how to keep from “cheapening the product”. Great advice for those who click on the 9+ Comments.

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Thanks for the comment. Hopefully we will get it back together. We were breaking new people in and learning new Floyd songs when the pandemic locked us down. The songs I have been playing since 2008 are not in bad shape and it won’t take long to knock the rust off. But 18 months on and I need to relearn all those new songs, as I have totally forgotten them!

I’ve had a lot of problems over the past few days starting to rehearse again. My VB3 organ kept cutting out, and it took me a whole to realise that during a Windows update it must have de-authorised itself! So it was cutting out because it was in demo mode! Doh!

Once the reg serial was re-entered that was fine, but then the latest Windows update I did during a break from a short practice has killed my MOTU Express 128 interface on my studio computer, so no MIDI from any device connected to that was providing data, which took out my FC300 foot controller (which is like having your right arm (or right foot)) chopped off. So I didn’t get to do half the old set.

Device Manager said the MOTU device was working correctly, but when you look at the event page on the driver tab, there is an error log message to say “Device not migrated correctly”. On and off it has taken me a day to fix that one. Hopefully OK now, and now I can get practising these songs again!

I thought I would mention that here as I tried all sorts of tricks to get it going again. And it was not obvious that Windows thought there was a problem, especially when the main page in Device Manager said it was working correctly!

I tried enables/disables uninstalls/reinstalls (including running as admin and in compatibility modes) to no avail. In the end, it appears that running the CMD commend SFC /SCANNOW was what restored it. But I will be keeping an eye on it over the next few days…

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Happened to me, too, not sure why. GSI sent me a new license, having lost it.
About Windows update, my point is “never update a stable configuration”. I’m still on 1909/2004 and everything is working smoothly. Starting 20H1, Microsoft changed the power management, processor core parking, etc. So I disabled updates. I’ll re-enabled them only if really needed.

Happy to hear you’ll restart playing Pink Floyd. :slightly_smiling_face:

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