B4 II Licensing and Cantabile 35xx

Hi All,

I’ve had a user report that Native Instruments B4 II Plugin doesn’t work correctly in Cantabile 35xx. What’s weird is it’s reporting a licensing error but it works fine in Cantabile 32xx and in other hosts.

I’m wondering if someone else with this plugin and 35xx installed could please check if they’re getting the same issue.



Finally got around to testing this. B4 works fine on 3532 x64.

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Thanks @RackedBrain - good to know.

Anybody know if there’s any issues with x86?

If you don’t get a response, I doing a lot of testing. I could install Cantabile x86 and try to fire up B4. I’ve migrated away from it to Blue4, but still have it installed.


That’d be great.

btw: you don’t need to “install” Cantabile x86, it’s installed at the same time as Cantabile x64.

Finally got this done. B4 worked the usual way. You may see a crash report from when I was testing this. It had something to do with moving windows trying to get everything visible for a screen shot. I could not recreate it. It may also have to do with the RME driver. I occasionally get crashes when changing the Audio Ports, but can’t figure out exactly what I do to cause it.

Hi @RackedBrain

Thanks for looking into this - pleased to hear there are no licensing issues there.

As for the crash - I checked out the crash report and it was a straight up crash in B4’s audio processing.