B-3X rack to set sustain pedal to control Leslie fast - slow latched

The answer might be buried somewhere in the mega Hammond thread but I couldn’t find it by searching. I just updated to 1.3 hoping they added an option for sustain pedal control of Leslie speed.

Since that doesn’t appear to be the case I’m hoping someone here can remind me the best C3 way to address this (or point me to the post I can’t find).


Until they get it fixed:


Thanks Corky, BTW, the reason I haven’t updated yet is I’ve been spending all my music time working on drums so I can do the opposite of your music career - start on guitars and keys and end up on drums :sunglasses:

As soon as I can get through Cissy Strut on drums without losing my place I’ll get back to the bass. BTW, it has a really funky Hammond part with unique sounding drawbars.

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I use the Sustenuto pedal (CC 66) but the same principle works: you need to link a binding with alternating parameters (1; 0) to the actual leslie speed VST parameter. Cantabile is clever enough to truly alternate, as long as it knows the current state of affairs, so no need to push the pedal twice if the leslie is currently fast to get it to go to slow.




Lol! I feel like I have started all over with this project I am doing. Fell way behind, and changing some things. But, I am nearly finished after relearning some of my rusty skills. Hope to post it soon, and you will see what I am talking about. I haven’t played drums in quite a few years. Took me a week to relax and get my feel back. It’s all about fluidity. :wink: