Axiom 61 2nd gen - Cantabile 3

Hi to all.
A few days ago I received an Axiom 61 and tried to connect it, as per the instructions in the manual. Cantabile sees it, but I still can’t get the Daw VST sounds to play, certainly for my little experience. Could you help me make the right settings?
This is the first time I have used a keyboard controller, so far I have only used my Korg Pa 80 with some success.

Can you explain further? Are you referring to Cantabile as a DAW, or are you asking for help with a DAW, such as Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio One, Reaper,or Ableton? Are your VSTs in a DAW?

Hi Corky
Cantabile as a DAW
I had made some confusion with the translator

I figured as such, but wanted to be sure.

As you did with your Korg, you need go to settings and assign your Axiom, then route it to the vst, then route the output. Just follow the information links I provided you in the other thread.



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Sorry Corky, could you tell me which thread you’re referring to?

Then, I have two ways to connect it to the PC:
with in / out midi cable or with USB / USB cable. Which one is recommended? I read something in a post on this topic on the Forum.

Finally: do I have to do something preliminary on the keyboard, like hold down the instruments key for a few seconds?

Corky, excuse my ignorance on the subject …

It is a personal choice. I’ve used both, but my newer keyboards only have a usb port. A usb will supply power to most controllers and transmit midi, whereas a midi cable will not supply power.

If you assigned the keyboard to a midi port in settings, then you can pull it up in song mode, direct it to your vst, then select an output for the vst. Here are the links I provided previously:

All this is referenced in these links. Take the time to read and watch the assignment of midi ports and how to route your keyboard to the vst and vst output. Keep reading and watching till you understand. You really need to focus on the midi ports and audio ports. Once you understand it, you can move to routing. Everything you need to learn about this process in in those guides.

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Speaking of cords, the lesser the better :joy:

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Ok. Thanks Corky. I follow your advice.

Hey Corky. I followed the advice about the videos and the link. I realized how much I needed it as a help. I connected the Axiom 61 and everything is ok. My first feeling is that I use my legendary Korg best !! Also because I donated the Axiom to a friend who runs a rehabilitation community for drug addicts, alcoholics, etc … Let’s say that the Axiom helped me to go beyond mine. Korg and assimilate the explanations contained in the videos. So that’s okay with me. In any case, what I do with the Korg is valid for any Midi object !!! Thanks for your suggestions.


That’s great Sergio! All of us went through the beginnings in the same way. Cantabile can be simple or extremely mind boggling. This is why we all suggested you stop being in a hurry, and learn the basics before moving into larger things. I am really pleased you finally took the time to read, and watch the videos several times. Hopefully, you can now move to bigger things, and enjoy playing.




Hi Paolo. I confirm that the fewer cables there are, the better!
I just wanted to add that the Axiom61 works great with USB cable (better latency) and doesn’t work best with Din IN / OUT cables. (at least this keyboard of mine).

I bought the 25 keyboard Axiom pro (white) and can’t make the transport buttons work… The keys, buttons and pads are ok.

But the transport pannel… not really.
Only rewind and foward work for me… Stop and play, nothing comes… The record and the loop buttons can do work with some transport commands as long as I push them continuesly…

A bit deceived…

Have you confirmed that the keyboard is actually sending those MIDI messages using the MIDI monitor - or using MIDI-OX? Often the transport controls use a different MIDI channel than the Notes.
I have had Axioms fail some functionality in the past. I now have a coupe of spares that purchased second hand to have as a backup.