Autosampling on a PC?

Hi guys,

Just wondering if any of you guys have ever used any auto sampling software, like Mainstage can do? Something where I can use vsts (or multiple ones) and have it auto sample it the output of it?

I figured one of you tech gods would have done something along these lines…


Hi Toaster,

I had a look at this last year, so my info might be out of date.

I played with SampleRobot demo, works for both external and VST, slightly odd UI, but seems to work well.

Samplit - hasn’t been updated for a while

HighLife - free for non-commercial use, but only samples VSTs, not externally (which I don’t think you want). Not tried it.

I’ve heard that if you have a Mac, you can get Mainstage with autosampler, which can potentially be imported into Kontakt. No idea how well this works or how sustainable it is.


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