Automatic sending of midi data at the output when changing the preset

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Hello all,
In the phase of discovery of the performer version of cantalibe, I did not find an answer to this: is Cantalibe performer offers the possibility, during a change of preset initiated by a midi controller, a sending in midi out of all the vst settings on this same controller, like a snapshot? I took a look at the bindings but you need to configure one row per control change. I would have liked an update of my controller of all parameters as soon as the preset is changed.
Is there a way?
thank you in advance

Welcome to the forum patjar! If I am reading you correctly, you might want to look at this:

I can change parameters, presets, and many other things with a controller or state changes. It is a critical part of my setup. If I am reading you wrong, or not addressing your questions correctly, give more detailed info on what you are trying to achieve, and I will get back to you.



PS…I think Terry Britton addresses this in his recent Webinar:

Hello Corky,
thank you for your reply.
In fact, I have no problem modifying my plugins by my controller. Everything works. My problem is in the fixing paragraph of the guide.
on this topic: “Cantabile Performer can supports” reverse bindings “where a setting inside Cantabile can be reflected to an external MIDI device so that whenever the setting changes an appropriate MIDI message is sent.”
I tested on a single line of controller:
when changing the preset, the plug-in is updated, but cantabile does not return the parameters received in the midi out, so my controller is not updated with this parameter. the midi control confirms: nothing is sent to the midi out.
On the other hand, when I manipulate the parameter on the plug-in, my controller is updated live.

I think I found my problem, I tested with a second plugin.
in the fm8 a midi out output is present, the parameters are reflected on my electra controller, it’s perfect.
in the sylenth this is not the case, no midday out output present.

Do you know how to create a midi out?
Is it possible ?


Hi Patjar,

MIDI Out would have to be a part of the Sylenth plugin to appear. Cantabile just sees what the plugin provides as it’s ports. Sorry, but some VST plugins do not support MIDI Out.



Hi @patjar ,
I think what you’re asking is possible.
I have bindings set up like this:

Midi controller in -> Plugin parameter
Plugin parameter -> Rack midi out
The rack midi out is used to drive the Cantabile web UI but it could be a hardware midi out back to your controller.
I’m pretty sure when I change presets the new parameter values are reflected at the output.
If it doesn’t work for you it might be the particular plugin, I know some plugins don’t update parameters in the same way when the preset changes.

Hope that helps.

Also, to answer your title. I don’t think there’s a way to do that automatically unless the plugin has midi out like Dave mentioned.

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Hi all,

As Dave said, the sylenth plug-in does not give midi output although it works fine for FM8 for example.
However, for Sylenth, on a binding created, pressing the invoking blinding test button, my controller is updated. It would suffice that a kind of global patch request is created in the application to generalize this on all parameters.
Thank you anyway for your help.

This issue should now be resolved in build 3676 (and later).

The root cause was that not all plugins fire parameter change notifications when parameters change as a result of switching presets. Cantabile now monitors for this and should fire the parameter change bindings when a new preset is selected either via Cantabile or through the plugin’s UI.

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This version fixes my problem.
It works great for me.
Thank you very much