AutoFade β‡… - Multi Mode Automated Fader Rack

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Hi All,

I did a big update on the auto fade racks for Cantabile Performer 3 & 4. The capabilities of the separate racks of last year are all in one rack now and I am releasing it here. One thing came up though while building it and that was that on Cantabile 4 the delays fields for the bindings are in a different place on the bindings slot and the Navigation moves I was linking to the Custom button to access it quickly were different as a result. So I will have a C3 version and a C4 version. I will put them in different folders to keep it sorted out. Just use the version you need for the Cantabile version you are running. The New features are

  • previous various button type racks from 2021 consolidated into one rack
  • true up down action from any point of the fader travel (the old ones had to travel all the way up and down to reverse direction
  • quick speeds access
  • expression pedal integration with some limits

I post both here with a video that has install and instructions plus a cross-fade demo. I hope it helps if anyone needs something like this. As usual I had fun putting it together.

Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:


Auto-Fade β‡… C3 & (18.3 KB)


Tried the rack in C3 (3702) and experienced a crash that took Cantabile out. I think it happened after I clicked on the delay icon. I’ll take another look later when I can, but thought I should mention it.

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Thanks, I’ll see here …

It’s fine here on 3702 so it appears there may be a system to system thing going on. I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

That button uses PC keyboard type navigation bindings and may be interfering with something else you use that uses PC keys. Just a thought that might explain it. The values can be edited manually if you want to bypass that button, they will be the top 2 bindings in the rack bindings list.

@dave_dore thanks a lot! Gonna test it this week…
Much useful and appreciated!

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