Autofade in/out for media player

Hi all!

I’m setting up a live setup for a dance/music performance and in one scene I’ll need to trigger various tracks from multiple media players. I’d like to create a binding that triggers a fade out on the currently played track, while triggering the fade in for the next one. I see there’s a “fade” function in the media player binding options, but didn’t manage to make it work. Is it possible to achieve this with Cantabile? Otherwise I found an autofader in Reaper JS that might work, but I wanted to check if I can do that within Cantabile.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi Lib,

The “Fade” is for 4 channel setup, front to rear balancing. There is no auto fade in C3 yet.


Why not just put the fades on the files themselves? Less to go wrong.

Hi Dave,
thanks for the clarification!

Hi Fred,
it’s a realtime performance, so I need to be able to trigger the next cue following what the performer plays, which is predetermined, but the timing changes in each performance.

Reaper autofader seems to work, and I can define different durations for fade in / out. In case someone is interested here’s the link



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