"Auto Update States" vs "Locked States"


Hi @electricfuzz , cory

There are some things to check in options first regarding automatic song saving but if they are set already then they shouldn’t cause overwriting of your rack settings. I set mine so that I only save when I go and do it from the file menu. But you can set them to prompt to save as well if you want.

When working with link-able racks in 32XX you can achieve what you want I think by using “Entire Bank” settings and locking the rack states when finished editing. First you create the rack and open it and then load a vsti. Then make sure the ‘States’ Pane on the left is open and the ‘States Behavior’ panel is open below it. In this example I am using Air Xpand!2 as the vsti and have the check box for the “Entire Bank” selected along with a few essentials for the plugin.

Then I edit the state from the plugin GUI selecting a starting patch and tweaking it

I open the state menu and select "Update ‘xxxx’ " for the state I am in

I then lock the state by right clicking on it and choosing ‘Locked’

When done the lock will appear beside the name of the state.


At this point you can stretch the parameters of the plugin during songs but always have it return to the state when is is again selelcted. This is only one of the ways to do this but works for most plugins. Since some plugins are different in the way they apply the VST2 standard Cantabile is built to be flexible and unassuming in many ways so it can cover all the complexities of this Virtual world. That might be why it is frustrating at first, If this method doesn’t do it for you post the problems and possibly the plugin names you are using in case they are not liking this method. I use 3 methods to cover my stuff. This one usually gets the job done. We’ll see if it does it. :smiley:


Rack States as presets behavior

Thank you! I will check all these things right now.


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