Auto switch to next song (in Cantabile 3 Performer)

I know it sounds lazy but it would be helpful for live performances if the songs could be setup to progress automatically. That is, when a song is done, the set list proceeds to the next one down the list. I know I can manually hit the S key but doing it automatically would be even better. Is there a way to do this?

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I’m also looking for this feature. Just be able to press start once is a real timesaver and will avoid you to accidentaly play the same song once again. Yes, this has happend…
I’ve been using Sonar just because it got the setlist feature. Here you can choose if it will have auto advance or not, mean the next song start immediatly, Wait for keypress (which I use most of the time) or time delay for start next song. You can even scroll in the setlist and press “enter” and load a different song to be load instead, while playing a song with no interuption in the audio playback.


Hi All,

I used to use Sonar’s setlist feature as well for a one man show where all the Songs had backing tracks, The current Cantabile 3 does not think this way, A Song is a complete setup of midi routes, audio route’s and vst routing and mixing. In addition there is media player support. In Sonar it assumed that there is a playback of a track (or project). in C3 it is not. This is where the case use you want would have to be programmed for each song in C3. You can currently create triggers to switch songs but you need to have a midi or audio track in a media player that executes the trigger.


Some ideas as to implement this more easily might be :

  • Have a flag or switch for the selected media player in your song that allows for automatic song advance if there is a loaded media file. (the Song changes on transport stop for the selected media player). This would cover the song advance but you would need to create your songs with automatic playback start of the next song’s media players using triggers.

  • Add Song advance to the triggers section (currently you can only pick the song by number (set list no.) then you could create each song to have a media player auto start and a song auto advance when the media player clip ended .

  • Create a special set list mode that could be used when you intended to auto advance your songs using media player tracks on all the songs in the set list. (include a detector to make sure each song file is suitable for the auto advance mode)

I can see a case use for this request and hope for some development in this area … i.e. a setlist editor with cool options like this one!!!

Anyway thanks for listening :grin:


Thanks guys - not sure where this fits on the priorities just yet, but this is great insight.