Auto-Start VLC Playlist upon Cantabile Startup

Who knows who will use this, but here you are.

Say you want some background music to start up as soon as you have Cantabile up and running? You want an auto-playing playlist of several tunes (likely your own but not necessarily) to start when you fire up Cantabile. (Or not, but see later…)

That is what Cantabile’s Tools/Options/External Tools seems to be just MADE for!
(I’d love to hear what other uses people have come up with for that… perhaps in a new thread!)

I have Cantabile open a playlist. VLC happens to be my default player for playlists, so that program starts up automatically and begins playing it.

I have it automatically run on startup (bottom checkbox), but you can alternatively simply include this script as a menu item, having it appear in the Tools menu as an item, or also in the Midi Files or Audio Files (though I do not know where those appear, frankly, to be honest). You can then NOT check the “Automatically run on startup” and simply run it from the menu instead.

Result upon startup:

Have fun!



Thank you Terry,
Still thinking to use Cantabile with VLC to start clips with every song.
Do you have any advice how to add a clip to a song, so that it starts (or by binding) when switching songs) in VLC ?

Previously I suggested VLC in the media player. See link.
But that isn’t problably a technical option.
Maybe if the mediaplayer could have an option to add an external program?

I suppose you would need to make a bunch of single-item playlists and call each up individually with separate scripts.

I can imagine no way for Cantabile to instruct VLC as to which item in a playlist to play, but I have not looked carefully at the VLC API to know what command-line options are available to it.


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What about employing macro maker?

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Sorry for the late question, but what is makro maker? :slight_smile:

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Hello! I am new here, but I have created a little package which enables programmatic control of VLC. Here it is. You will need to enable the VLC http server and setup a password (which is set in the index.js file). Tell me if there are any problems!

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