Auto Song Switching

Hi, new user here.

How do most people configure auto-song switching and playback? I’d like the songs in my setlist to play back-to-back without any user intervention. I expected to find this somewhere in the set-list documentation, but having no success.

I tried:

  1. Creating a binding in the song itself to switch to the next song when the song stops. This semi-works but the next song won’t start. It also feels like clumsy solution, since it needs to be added to every song and there may be times I don’t want auto-switching.

  2. Creating a background rack with a binding to switch to the next song On Stop and starting the next song On Load. This didn’t work, it just jumped through all my songs. Again, feels like a hack having to do it this way.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Hello @shinymetal8…welcome to the forum.

A couple of questions are needed. Are you using backing tracks which signal a beginning and ending? Also, what version Cantabile are you using (Solo, Performer)?
It always helps to give a little detail info on what you attempting. I don’t use backing tracks, or auto switching, but someone else may be able to tell you how to achieve the task at hand, if I can’t.



Hey thanks for the quick reply. I’m using Performer and all of my songs include backing tracks. Each song includes two media players, one for backing tracks, one for MIDI PC/CC switching for an instrument I use.

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Hi shinymetal,

This is how I would set it up for autoplay of the whole songlist in a single Cantabile song. After the final track plays it stops and returns to song 1 waiting to play again.

Hope this helps for auto play :slight_smile:



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Hi Shineymetal,

To do auto play on each Cantabile song you would need 2 bindings like below to switch to the next song and to play on song load. They would be in each song for it to work.

Another way to autoplay a track but by with only one track per Cantabile song.



Thanks! The second solution will work for now. I still feel like there should be an easier way to do this. Perhaps I’ll create a feature request.

The two areas this could be improved:

  1. A global way to control the setlist without needing to configure it per-song.
  2. Only having it auto-play while in performer mode. It get’s annoying having the song auto-start when I just want to tweak things.

I suppose I could have a master MIDI file that controls PC calls in the background, but then that defeats the point of a setlist that you can re-arrange easily.