Auto gain increase/decrease

Can Cantabile to be used to create an automatic volume increase for a plugin, triggered by pressing a note on the keyboard?

Depends what you mean by “automatic”. If you really mean auto gain control then you’ll need a plugin of some sort - Cantabile doesn’t include any support for that.

If you just want to increase the gain of a plugin you could create a binding from the note to either the plugin’s gain setting, or the gain setting of a route from the plugin.

I recently had a situation where I set up a pad assigned to the lower keys and a lead synth to the upper keys. I wanted to gradually fade in the pad, while holding the chord with the left and and playing a riff with the right hand on the upper keys. Just looking for a very simple way to make this happen and wondered if it could be accomplished using Cantabile.

Ah I see. So by automatic, you don’t mean AGC (I was thinkg of this), but rather an automated fade up/down. Nothing built in for that, but you might be able to find a plugin that can do it - not sure off hand.

Logged it, but no promises.

thanks Brad, maybe our members will have some plug-in ideas.

yup-pretty easy: record a MIDI-fade (e.g. using CC11) as a MIDI file in your DAW of choice , create a media player routed to the pad plugin and then create a binding from whatever event you want to start playback on the media player. I have a linked rack in my arsenal that contains a number of such fade-ins and fade-outs (1 second, 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds) selectable by rack state. I simply connect this rack to whatever plugin that needs a fade; if necessary, I insert a MIDI filter in the route to convert the CC#. I have set this rack to trigger playback on a C4 MIDI note, but of course routes can also change this…

But have you ever heard of something called an EXPRESSION PEDAL? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




One word- Brilliant! :sparkler: Thanks for the suggestions. And yes, I have an expression pedal- that’s an option but wanted to keep the solution literally at keyboard level if possible.

Super Torsten to the rescue :sunglasses:

Instead of seconds I’d create the files on “bar-base”. you could create various midi files that exactly need 1 bar … or two or whatever to raise the value of the CC. Than you can sync this with the song tempo of cantabile and it automatically adapts its speed :wink:


Perhaps this can also help you:

Keep in mind: only works when your master transport is running

Greetings, Tom