Audiofront Midi Expression

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Hi folks. I have some downtime between projects and I’m restructuring my Cantabile set-up and looking for some input from other users who are also using the AudioFront Midi Expression unit (

I’m curious how other are utilizing this device. Do you put in the background rack, it’s own separate rack? Do you very the functions of the pedals? Dedicated pedals to each board/vst?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to resond.


I use it for changing song states with a Boss FS-5u pedal. I have it set up in the background rack and it has worked flawlessly for that purpose. The developer updates the software and firmware frequently. I am considering getting the Quattro to use instead as I want to start using a volume pedal for the hammonds.

The only downside is that shipping takes a while, at least to the U.S. I understand Covid has been tough on him for manufacturing and shipping.

  • Paul