AudioFront eDRUMin E10 announced

Rob at AudioFront just announced the eDRUMin “E10” with more inputs and other advanced features.

I’ve been using a pair of his original units now dubbed the “E4” with Cantabile hosted Superior Drummer - it’s like playing actual drums.

I know there aren’t too many “edrummers” here on the forum but if you’re interested I would be happy to answer any questions.

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Hey Doug

Since I was a touring drummer years ago, I found it really hard to convert to e-drums when they 1st came out. The sensitivity was not there, and until recently, the hi-hats sucked. I’ve been trying to get a project finished I promised to Dave Dore. I started out with a cheaper Alesis set, but had to reset the project, due to the unrealistic feel of the drums. I have a friend who owns a drum shop, and he suggested I try out his Roland TD-30KV E-Drums. What a difference!!
Hopefully, I will post my effort on YouTube soon, and will link it here. You can hear the natural flow I had going with that kit.

Thanks for the info!

I’ve been trying to get our church to go to an e-drum/Superior solution for ages but they aren’t ready. Actually, I’ve pretty well given up on trying to help them, you know who that goes. It’s all “we do it how we do it”. Well, really, it’s “we already paid a sh*tload of money to other people for their opinions and we’d feel like jerks if we changed now.” They probably have a half milliion tied up in Pro Tools, AVID, Macbooks, Mainstage at several campuses… but then a drummer is trapped in a box and sounds like utter crap. And I’m just stuck with Mainstage crap now, no B3 and no Cantabile because frankly I’m not wasting my time trying.

What were we talking about??


I played a charity gig in January at one of the bigger churches here. They also had a massive drum kit plexiglass cage that was completely closed off, almost like a separate room on stage. You had to go thru a door to get in there. Drummer had in-ears, but musicians on stage had floor wedges. We couldn’t hear him, and he had to guess what songs we were playing, as the band leader refused to go by the set list. It was ridiculously horrible.

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That’s what we have- the room on stage. At least it has a fan. We all use IEM but until recently it was a mono AVIOM system and there was all kinds of horrible phase cancellation. Usually the drum mix was basically someone banging a badly eq-ed hi-hat in my ear and bouncing a basketball. Since going back after COVID they bought a dedicated monitor mixer and we’re actually in stereo and I havea personal mix. Drums still sound like utter ass though. We know what song we’re playing because a mystery girl tells us in our ear at the start and she says whether it’s a verse, or chorus, or breakdown, or what. It’s creepy.

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Fred and Corky,

My kit is an acoustic kit with Roland type crossbar mounted foam cone piezo sensors (L brackets attached inside at lugs). The hi-hat is a normal hi-hat stand with a neodymium magnet pulled from a hard drive fastened to the pedal. As it swings near a $2 Hall Effect sensor Superior very smoothly closes the hi-hat. The crashes are $36 Pintech single zone plastic units with a poron foam strike pad on top to which I added a membrane sensor at the rim for chokes. The 3 zone ride and hi-hat are Yamaha cymbals that play very well when connected to the eDRUMin.

Here is a Flickr album with photos taken during the kit assembly:


Looks very well engineered Doug. What type of heads are you using?

They are Billy Blast 3 ply mesh heads I sourced from Mitch at UFO Drums. The “eBridges” (crossbars) are from Mitch also He started out rehabbing Roland vdrums and then branched out into selling his conversion kits. His ecommerce site is a little funky - I can explain it if you’re tyring to figure out what you need.

The kit is quiet - it’s fun being able to play the drums anytime of the day or night :smile:

A funny turn of events in the vdrums world is that everyone is making kits that are pretty much an acoustic drum set with triggers - The Roland VAD506 is an example. ATV (bunch of ex-Roland guys) started the trend.

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Been looking at his site. Not as expensive as I thought.

Those look good!

If you are serious about e-drums, these guys build wonderful sets:

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Agreed, drum-tec is synonymous with quality in the e-drum world