Audio ToolKit (ATK) Colored Expander/Compressor settings not saving

I recently came across the Audio ToolKit VST plugins and found that the Expander and Compressor work exactly how I want. The only issue I have is that the settings reset each time I restart Cantabile Lite. When I was using the reaper plugins, the settings would save in the Cantabile song. Cantabile detects when I make changes to the Expander/Compressor by showing the ・ in the title bar, but when I reboot everything is back to default settings. They’re based on JUCE framework if that matters.

What I want to know, is if there’s any way to force Cantabile to save/reload VST settings that don’t seem to be saved by the .song file?

Hi Steve, welcome to forum. Are you using VST2 or VST3 plugins?

I was using the VST2 files, because (honestly) I didn’t know the VST3 versions worked. The browse for plugin dialog box doesn’t show VST3 files as an option, just “*.dll; *.cantabileFxb; *.fxb; *.fxp”. But I added the VST3 directory and voila, they appeared, AND they remembered the settings. So thanks! You solved it! And I have more options I didn’t know about.

This is because some plugin developers (sometime) do not strictly comply with Steinberg specifications. It can happen with both VST2 and VST3. I’m glad you solved the problem.