Audio starts to crash/distort


I’ve been using Cantabile for many years now. It’s been good, but now I’m facing a problem:

Audio starts to crash quite soon. It sounds a bit like ring modulator. I had this phenomenon before too, but only if I started Windows without power cord connected to my soundcard (Novation audiohub 2x4).

Here’s my setup:
Microsoft Surface Pro
Novation Audiohub 2x4
Cantabile Performer 3 (3279)

Any ideas what could be the problem?

Hi. It sounds like when the surface pro is not mains powered the usb port can’t deliver enough current to power the audio interface properly?



Thx Stuart. It should be ok, but definately check this out, cords and so on. Is there Any way to help this matter in Windows, any settings for it etc?

I Meant that the Surface is powered, but lets see if there’s something strange going on…

You can get some pretty nasty, buzzy audio when there is a mismatch between sample rates 44100 (standard WAV audio sample rate) and the computers sample rate going to 48000. Has occasionally happened on my system for some inexplicable reason. Setting the ASIO sample rate back to 44100 cures the problem.

Not saying it is your problem, but worth checking.

And have you tried connecting your audio device to the surface via a powered hub? That could help eliminate if is a power draw issue that the Surface cannot cope with. When I changed from a Focusrite Saffire to a Scarlett, the latter had a larger current draw (for the phantom power) that my laptop could not cope with (it was fine with the Saffire) and I had to use a powered hub. My new NUC PC can drive the Scarlett directly.

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Derek nailed it - I lean towards the USB not putting out enough juice, perhaps because of some setting or the power supply output has dropped in voltage or amps.

I always use a powered hub


Thx all for answers!

Let’s hope so that the power is the issue. I have my Novation Audiohub connected to power, but I’ll try to change the power adaptor and see what happens…

I’ll be back.


The issue seems to be solved. It was power; the power strip I was using has a switch that seemed/seems to be broken. It stopped working completely today, so I replaced the strip and all is good now!


I’m interested. I’ve also got the audiohub 2x4 which, until recently, I loved. I’m also using a surface pro (3 I think)
After a Windows 10 update, the audiohub switched itself to 96K. (I hadn’t even noticed and started playing a set with each sound being over an octave higher! Doh!)
This is too much for my needs, and too much for the surface pro to handle smoothly. And I haven’t found a way of setting it back to 48K (or lower) And it started to misbehave: sometimes during a song it would drop out and just buzz at me like an angry bee.
Anyway, I’ve swapped it for a focusrite which works fine, but I miss the extra usb ports it offered: essential when using a surface pro…

Interesting! How could you say it changed to 96k? Or did you just figured it out based on the sound?

This is similar to what has happened to me for now reason where 44.1 goes to 48. I know what to listen for now. It is easy to set back, but a mystery as to why it happens.