Audio+midi recording

I’m trying to get the best possible result of audio+MIDI recording of gigs. I understand separate recordings cannot be synced 100% especially with longer recordings but I’d like to try the absolute midi timing recording (SMPTE) a go. I haven’t yet found a DAW that would support this kind of midi files though - are there any compatible ones? Where to look? I’ve tried to open it in reaper and then fiddle with tempo, but even aligning start and end of recording perferctly produces a very out of sync result…

I know the most compatible and most syncable way would be to ditch recording from C4 altogether and record everything from a DAW (at the same time as running C4) but even using low-cpu Reaper with no VST plugins in there it was still a bit too much and I’ve got glitches on a live gig using this way - something that recording directly with C4 never happened.

My use case is to record gigs (IEM signal as audio, keyboards from C4 as MIDI+audio) and then improve keyboard sounds and levels in a real-world scenario.

How do you do it?

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Hi Matej,

This isn’t really a solution but perhaps a workaround. I record when I play bass with an acoustic guitar player who varies tempo. When I bring the tracks into Reaper I use an SWS extension which makes it easy to drag the bar beat 1 by visually lining it up with the wave form as the songs plays. I can provide more detail and the YouTube user (CrashWagon) where I got the tip. I end up with a tempo track that keeps the bar/beat grid aligned with the actual playing.

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Thanks for the tip. This would however mean I have to record midi as “musical timing” and would imply I have transport running in cantabile. In many cases I wouldn’t want that as I use it to get initial tempo in my ears and then stop it before the band goes out of tempo.
Tempo mapping for the whole concert sounds a lot of work/listening time though.
But sure such a tip is more than welcome and I would use it in other situations!

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Here’s the link on YouTube:

Tempo Mapping In REAPER The Easy Way - YouTube