Audio Laptop Recommandations 2019


Hello C3-Community,

a simple question: what would you recommend as a Win10/Prof/64-audio-laptop for C3 + many VSTs (live and studio) for - let’s say - max. 850 Euro?

Best regards



Hi Christoph,

you can get used thinkpads for that price.
watch out for t440p or t450p with i7-processor.
very stable machines and they don’t throttle when getting hot.


Hi Steffen
thanks for your advice. Who is the vendor you trust? Is it possible to buy refurbed thinkpads directly from Lenovo?


Hi Christoph,

i don’t know whether it is allowed to post commercial websites. google is your friend. there are a few big vendors, mine even offered a warranty.
i don’t know if you can buy them directly from lenovo.



I don’t believe there is a problem with sharing information. Spammers are not welcome, but I’ve seen many here share sites for many different things. Informational matter is always welcome.




I bought mine on a german website:

Make shure it has the right processor and screen.
You can upgrade/change all other components.

the advantage of the older T-xxxP is that they have MQ-Processors.
these processors have 4 cores and the i7 hyperthreading.
My Laptop runs 8 cores at 3,3Ghz.


Thanks to you Steffen and Corky - I really didn’t want to provoke any advertising for commercial sites - sorry. It’s just about gathering information :slight_smile:


You weren’t. We all share what we can. Very friendly place here. Thanks for respecting the integrity of this amazing site. I am the worst offender of going O/T and most everyone gives me a pass, so don’t hesitate to share. :wink: