Audio Interface Question

Hi all.

I’ve been using Focusrite 18i8 (1st Gen) since 2016, with very little problem. Last week, it could not find the driver. I could not find the driver on my laptop. I downloaded several drivers for the 18i8. The software loaded, but no driver installed, even though it was included in the download. I am stumped. Looking for a 1st Gen driver as it fixed it years ago.
Not having the 18i8 for last nights gig was a pain in the ass. Any thoughts are very welcome!
I am also considering the Behringer UMC404AD as a backup, since so many here endorsed it.
Thanks for any input


Maybe this is the driver for Windows 7?

In this page it reinforces that Mix Control has the driver for 1st gen:

Cool! Thanks Doug. All I’ve been able to find is the newest driver. When I switched everything over to my newer Win 10 laptop 3 years ago, the unit would only run on an older driver. No idea why my driver went kaput.
Appreciate the links.

Still a no-go. Changed wiring, and settings. Beginning to think the unit may be shot. I ordered the Behringer today. I am contacting Focusrite tomorrow, but my warranty has ended. Thanks for the links…I tried them all.