Audio interface [how to question]

Hi guys,

I’ve decided not to give up on all of my hardware modules but I want their audio outputs routed through Cantabile 3 Performer. So I’m thinking what I need is an interface that will receive audio from each of the modules, send it to C3 via USB for VST processing [each input separately identified by C3], and returned to assignable outputs on the interface that then go to the mixer.

Interface needs at least 6 inputs that accept line levels.

These modules will also be controlled by C3 via MIDI for patch changes, etc. I just have this hankering to route the audio from each module through C3 because I love some of my effects VSTs.

Can you recommend rackmount units that will do this please? Not too expensive please. I just don’t know what I’m looking for really.

As always, thanks for your help.