Audio interface has up to 16 channels - how to assign them in C3? - SOLVED

I am using a Behringer XR 18, which can, via USB, run up to 16 channels of audio. How would I set this up in C3? All I can see is l/r out as main, I can create more audio outs but I do not know how to get C# to actually see them and, in real time, transmit out those select channels.

Can it even be done?

Hi Dennis,

First you should set the X18 USB Audio to 18/18 ch as shown below using X-AIR app.

The X18 mixer sends all USB audio outs on the 18 channels but to receive USB Audio instead of line input on the X18 you must set it on a channel by channel basis as shown below.

Then on the C3 PC you need to have the X18 drivers installed and you need to set the Audio Engine in C3 to the X18 ASIO driver.

Then you need to create in/out ports in the Audio routes setup for the desired ins and outs.

That’s the rough idea. Hope it helps …




Thanks Dave. Yeah already had the 18 setup and had generic audio back into 17/18. I found the drop down to add them (XR 1-16) as audio outs by clicking on the ADD NEW button on the left.

All good and working fine now. Thanks again :slight_smile:


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