Audio Glitches & CPU Affinity

I’ve been down this road before, implemented the Glitch Free recommendations and was running smoothly. This was about 18 months ago.

About a week ago I started getting random glitches when load time for one plugin (S-Gear) ramps to 900+ percent. The only intervening SW updates were from MS which I have uninstalled.

A recommendation on the web for audio apps was to set the CPU affinity to a single CPU (I have quad core). You can do this in Task Manager but to persist the change across boots, a program called Process Lasso is used.

Here’s the problem: Even though I have the CPU affinity set at 2, the Task Manager display shows it rotating through several, usually 1,2,3 when it is running.

Support for Process Lasso suggests that perhaps Cantabile is scheduling its threads manually and overriding the CPU affinity setting. Anyone besides Brad out there familiar with this? I’m sure if he sees this he will weigh in.