Audio glitches after upgrading to Performer

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I spent time going through Glitch free and other guides. I had Cantabile running pretty smooth. Only time I ran into audio glitches were troublesome plugins. So I finally had a the ones i liked.

I wanted to use some of the features of Performer so I upgraded. No i run into audio glitches. After loading a song notes will sometimes stick. I also get those droput/clicking audio glitches.

I have tried different audio settings and using the onboard sound vs my focus Scarlett audio.

So I am looking for tips on tracking down and fixing the issue.


Run the profiler under the “view” tab to see if you can determine what is causing the glitches. What buffer size are you using on your onboard sound, and your Scarlett?


Running the profiler. I will get a spike randomly. It does not look to be the sample plugin or pattern.

Focus ASIO
sample: 44,100
buffer 352

Odd but I seem to get less glitches when running the profiler. Can you save a profiler session?


@oddfact Do you have LatencyMon (diagnostic tool)? Sounds like ndis.sys network driver.


@RackedBrain I ran LatencyMon. (good call on that I forgot about that tool). I thought ndis.sys would be the biggest issue but the biggest issue is storport.sys and usbport.sys. Now to trouble shoot those.


Yes, from the hamburger menu in the top right hand corner:


If you can capture a couple of these spikes/glitches feel free to send me a profiler session showing it and I’ll take a look. Even better if you can capture it with profiler level set to “Detailed” (in Options -> Diagnostics -> Audio Engine Profiler).