Audio engine error message


On starting Cantabile, the sound engine will not start. I’m getting an error message- “buffer size or sample rate not set correctly”. With the sample rate set at 44.1Hz for my Focusrite 2i2, the dropdown box for the buffer size is empty- nothing to choose from. If I switch the sample rate to 44.8Hz, a list of buffer sizes is available and once selected, the sound engine runs.


Hi, are you using the latest focusrite drivers?

I used a 2i4, and it works flawlessly at 44.1


It started working correctly with a reboot. I have no idea what was going on


Probably a glitch loading the driver. My laptop has proven to be very stable but occasionally I get the same kinds of gremlins and reboots always fix it.


Just before it happened, I had been running an Apple music app into the microphone jack on the laptop; a signal was going into Windows Recording Devices, but no sound via Scarlett, then a pop and sound was coming from the iPad app; then when I switched back to Cantabile and no sound, no dropdown buffer list. Probably inviting mischief bu using two different OS’s.

Good grief! Operator error. Realized that I had inadvertently reset the default properties in Windows for the Scarlett to 48khz, rather than 44.1Khs !