Audio Engine and Driver selection


I’m a bit stuck with a tiny issue, but I can feel I’m almost there.

here is my setup:

I’m trying to use Cantabile to add VST plugins on my USB Razer Seiren Microphone to use in the mic section of OBS.

When I check the Indicators of Cantabile, it seems to work and have everything setup. (as the gate working ie.)
But Having Voicemeter Banana up, to listen to the result (Can I avoid using it?) I hear the unprocessed mic sound in the background.

If I move the output gain while I talk, I can hear the effect. as well as when I turn Cantabile on/off. but my mic is always in the background.

I’d really appreciate if someone could help me find the issue!

Hi Dan,

From looking at what you show it seems as if you need to create a new input in the ‘Routing’ pane. Under your ‘Main Microphone’ input create another ‘Main Microphone’ input and route it directly to the '‘Main Speakers’ Output …

Now you can control the wet dry mix using the Dry Mic input you made and the final output of your plugin chain. From what I see you don’t need Voicemeter for this but I don’t know all you requirements so I hope this helps.


Thank you Dave,

I tried to add another main microphone without any success.

Also, am I supposed to have something pop up when I click the Control Panel under the audio Driver selection?
If I click it with my Razer Seiren ASIO, I get a bit depth and latency option, but when I click with any of the voicemeter ASIO, I don’t have any options showing up.

My goal is just to add a limiter, gate, eq and compressor to my microphone

It depends on the driver I’ve found. Some will pop up and others I have to call up from their driver control panels that are loaded in the toolbar for Windows and then after the changes are made I have to stop and restart the Cantabile Engine to see the changes take effect.

With regard to the microphone input problem I can only say that adding another microphone route should be as easy as selecting the ‘Add Route’ button and selecting the Main Microphone as input and then routing it directly to the ‘Main Speaker’ output as shown in my graphic. You should be able to mute your mic input that goes to your effect chain and then see whether the new input you made is working. Please post your routing image for us after you make the change. The input meter for your new route should light when you use the mic in and also the main out meter should be active. Let me know how it goes.:slight_smile:


I think I’m onto something.

I installed Asio4all, and set my microphone in the control panel
Note 1

then with cantabile off, and my mic set in OBS, I can see the noise and indicator moving when I talk in OBS and no movement in Cantabile
Note 2

but now, when I turn ON Cantabile, the indicators works correctly in Cantabile, but the ones In OBS drops and don’t react anymore.
Note 3

Hi Dan,

One thing I remembered as well is the wet/dry knob on each vst slot here’s a picture of it, maybe it would have helped.