Audio distortion and high CPU load only when playing files via media player

the problem occurs that when playing audio files the CPU load increases drastically and audio distortions occur. Without started playback there is no increased CPU load and no distortion. Even when playing back various plugins, this is not the case. Profiler reports high engine load.

Mismatched sample rates can cause horrible distorti9n, so worth checking. E.g if Cantabile thinks audio is 44100 but Windows Audio driver is set to something else.

Thanks Derek,
But driver settings in Cantabile and RME ASIO settings are the same. I tried with mp3, it I’m using always wav files. Both produce the same problems.

The driver settings in Cantabile and RME ASIO should naturally be the same, since they are the same driver. (Or should be!) So, I’m not sure what you are doing. Are you using a Windows Audio driver or the RME ASIO driver? You should be using only one or the other, not both, as if you are, that is when you can see the Windows driver and the RME go out of sync.

That happens when Voicemeeter’s WDM drivers interface with Cantabile sometimes (as WDM, not ASIO) even though Voicemeeter does talk to the ASIO directly via its own Virtual ASIO system. Toggling Cantabile’s “power” switch on and off again a couple of times usually makes the two “catch” and get into perfect sync.

Are you playing these audio files using Cantabile’s built-in media player, or some external media player? (I ask only in case by “media player” you might NOT have meant Cantabile’s.)


I’m using RMEs Asio Driver. And this since over three years…
I’m playing these audio files using cantabile’s built-in media players.
If i look in cantabile’s Profiler, I see at “Engine Cylce” high CPU ratings.

It certainly should be smooth sailing, then. I’d set up some diagnostics in Options and send Brad a dump. He might spot something underlying that is messing things up.


The big question here is whether the audio files are at the same sample rate as the audio engine. To check if this is related to Cantabile resampling try adjusting the resample quality setting in (Options -> Audio Engine) and see if it makes a difference.


The Files are all in the same sample rate 44.1 khz. And this is also the same sampling rate that is set in cantabile’s audio settings and rme’s asio driver settings.
A test with different settings for cantabile’s resamling, did not changed anything. :frowning:

One thing I forgot to mention: make sure you’ve not got any speed adjustment or pitch shifting enabled.
Speed is adjusted via the knob on the media player slot. Pitch shifting is controlled in the media file settings (right click media player slot, choose “Edit Current File Settings”). See this blog post for more.

Failing that, can you send me a profiler log:

  1. Start Cantabile
  2. Go to Options -> Diagnostics
  3. Set the profiler logging detail level to “3 - Over the Top”
  4. Reproduce the problem and let it run for 30 seconds or so.
  5. Bring up the Profiler (View -> Profiler)
  6. Save the log (Hamburger menu top right of profiler window) -> Save As…
  7. Set the profiler detail back to normal.
  8. Send me the log file (or post it here)