Audient releases Version 4 of their USB Audio drivers

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Hi All,

I have had an Audient ID22 that I got for the Studio some years ago. It was their first entry into the digital audio interface game. It always had incredible sonic quality but the Windows platform USB drivers were so awful I couldn’t use it to play live because of the pops and clicks at low latencies. The customer base complained for years and the developers listened and finally release a very good driver for the whole line of interfaces they sell now. In the blurb they claimed recent advances in the Windows OS made this possible. Does this ring true for the experienced Computer technology people here at the site? My knowledge of the new OS changes is limited to say the least so thanks for any input. I can say for sure that it now performs on a par with my RME equipment which has always been great at low latency.

It might make them a choice for live work for those that are looking for something.


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