At a glance midi monitoring

Hi fellas.

Over the last year or so my Cantabile installation has gone from straight-forward (triggering backing tracks from Band Helper over rtpMIDI) to quite complicated (using the WebUI/States for displaying lyrics, using bindings to control MIDI devices including lighting via QLC+).

Occasionally I make a mistake (don’t tell anyone I work with that I admitted that) in a binding and it’s sometimes difficult to figure out the cause of the issue. For instance, our last show we were playing Nothing But a Good Time, which is tuned a half step down. We play standard tuning and use the pitch shifter function in our Line 6 devices to automatically tune our guitars down a half-step. The guitar tuned down a half step, but my bass did not. Fortunately it’s an easy song and I just transposed the bass part on the fly, but it could’ve been a disaster.

I know the Cantabile MIDI monitor was recently updated and works well for diagnosing MIDI issues, but what I’d really like is to build a custom monitor that shows which presets and which effects are enabled/disabled in real time, based on their PC or CC numbers.

I was thinking something like would work, but I’m not a programmer and it’s daunting to even get started. The website for Chameleon has been offline for two days now, so I haven’t been able to see if that would work or not. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Total I’d be looking at monitoring 5 devices with program changes, and 10 CCs for each.

Ok, I realized I can get close enough with the Cantabile controller bar.

What about having a the controller bar configuration separate from the normal settings.json file?
Like a controller bar configuration that you could control per song or per state or just globally? @Brad what do you think?

Hey @Robb_Fesig

I think you’re saying this trello card needs more votes.


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Yep, that’s exactly what I was saying. Thanks, voted on the trello card.