Assigning presets of Roli Studioplayer in VST-head-line window

Hi, I´m totally new to Cantabile (lite license) and trying out different things. As of Roli Equator VST-Plugin I´m able to switch presets (with the “headline-row” of Cantabile window, but with Roli Studioplayer this seems not to work. Has anybody a fix/workaround for this behavior?
Update: the Studioplayer switches the sound, but I cannot see which sound is selected; i.e.: I must name the preset because after selecting the preset I don´t get any information about the sound selected inside the studioplayers UI…

Second: (how) can I switch between presets with a midi-controller (didn´t search for this yet).

Thanks a lot,

Hi @barny,

from what you say, it seems that you have to choose the best “Preset Model” which suits your needs. Have you had a look here?

In a nutshell, if Cantabile detects that “the plugin indicates that it has more that 1 preset available for selection”, then it will put it into “Use plugin’s program” model. This seems to happen for you with Equator. It is possible that Studioplayer behaves differently and it is put into “Entire Plugin Shapshots” model (i.e. Cantabile stores the entire plugin configuration, not just the selected preset).
In the doc you will also find info about how to change programs using MIDI program change messages.

Hope this helps,

Hi Gabriel,

thanks for the quick reply. I wasn´t aware of this kind of feature (preset model). Thanks for that! I will “play around” a bit to better understand this in my setup.
As I´m owning a Roli Songmaker Kit (i.e.: seaboard, lightpad & loop-block) I would like to use this together with cantabile. Loop-block can send midi-messages (e.g.: “wind forward/rewind”) and Midi-CC´s. Seems, that I cannot edit the midi-messages… so, question is: how can i make “switch to next/previous program” of the preset-model to respond to “wind forward/rewind”. Is that possible?! That would help me switching around my sounds.
Thanks a lot in advance for any help,

Hi @barny,

I am afraid you can’t achieve this behaviour in Cantabile Lite. In Cantabile Solo you get MIDI Bindings, so that you can “bind” a CC message to select “Next Preset” on a plugin and another CC messages to select “Previous Preset”. In Solo you also get MIDI Filters allowing, for instance, to map CC messages to other messages including Program Change.

In Lite, you could use a MIDI processing plugin (like pizmidi midiConverter3 to convert CC’s to Program Changes before sending them to a plugin…however I can’t think of an easy way to obtain the “Select Next/Previous” preset behaviour in Lite (unless you find a VST plugin which send Program Changes each time it receives a midi CC, remembering the last sent PC value and incrementing/decrementing the value according with the CC value it has received). I have done a bit of research online but I couldn’t find a plugin doing exactly that.


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