Asio4All with Laptop Headset Jack

Hi there, I have been playing a bit around with Cantabile and an external USB-Soundcard (Behringer UMC22 or so). Things are, whenever I reboot speakers will jump heavily. That´s why I tried to get audio out of the build-in soundcard; i.e.: using the laptop´s headset-connector. On Windows 11 I will be asked if I want to switch to Headset or Earphone (without mic), but Audio doesn´t switch from the internal speakers to the 3.5mm jack. Where is my problem I don´t see…
Thanks in advance,

I recommend staying with the UMC22 and adding a power switched strip in reach of your rig so you can power down the speakers when rebooting. It will have much lower latency than any Windows computer audio subsystem.

If you are going to the built in audio subsystem I would install ASIO4ALL.