ASIO4ALL Frustrations

I’m back to trying to use ASIO4ALL again, but I continue to have issues. Primarily I’m trying to find a way to use the laptop and do some editing/recording without having to haul a keyboard with me (currently on vacation).

From what I understand ASIO4ALL will not only lower the latency for the on-board (Realtek) audio driver, it should also allow me to have multiple apps (Cakewalk + C3) share the same output hardware.

My setup:
Cantabile C3
Cakewalk (by Bandlab)
Tons of plug ins
Lenovo Yoga laptop (i7, 16gb RAM)

My two scenarios:

  1. My bandleader wants me to play keyboards over the top of their rehearsal recordings (they’re multitrack, thankfully). Since I can’t be at every rehearsal, this will let him get good recordings to share with the band so they can practice on their own. Ideally I would:
    a. Be able to do this all on one machine (my laptop), so I installed ASIO4ALL as well as a MIDI Loopback driver.
    b. I’ll play the parts into Cakewalk, and through the MIDI loopback driver let C3 be my sound module. From there I’ll either enable an audio channel in Cakewalk and record the C3 output, or capture the playback within C3 and then import it into Cakewalk and align it, etc.

I installed ASIO4ALL and I can get sound output through Cakewalk, but not Cantabile (I did restart the machine and tried it again, no difference). To be honest I’ve never been able to stabilize ASIO4ALL on any Windows 10 machine, and it looks like there hasn’t been an update to it since 2017.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be going on? This is driving me crazy…