ASIO Voicemeeter virtual Insert ASIO issue -_-

Hi, I’m trying to use Cantabile as a VST host simply to improve mic quality which is route via Voicemeeter Potato.

I have configured Cantabile correctly and have activated the correct patch inserts in Voicemeeter. (Please see images)

Cantabile isn’t receiving input from my mic using Virtual insert ASIO but will via my interfaces UMC ASIO and other ASIO offerings. I’m quite keen to use Voicemeeter’s inserts as I wish to do other things down the line and understand that I need to use their Virtual insert ASIO to do so.

Any ideas are very welcome, I’m not a novice, nor and expert but this has me a little stumped :confused:

I suspect you do not have Cantabile set to use the Voicemeeter Virtual ASIO Inserts input.

See this video as it covers the basics of what you are attempting to do:

Ask me questions either here or via comments on this video if you prefer. I answer either within a day, typically.


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