ASIO - Voicemeeter Potato Insert Virtual ASIO’ is missing

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About a year ago I uninstalled Cantabile and today decided to reinstall it. When I ran it the first time it recognised my last “song” that contained the various inputs and outputs from Voicemeeter however I was met with an error informing that voicemeeter virtual asio is missing.

I noticed that this driver is missing from the available options in the dropdown.

I have a Focus 2i2. I’ve selected A1 to use Focusrite USB ASIO.

I have followed these instructions and don’t have any voicemeeter ASIO drivers in my drop down list.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



I assume you uninstalled Voicemeeter, rebooted, and then reinstalled it and rebooted before trying again to see the Voicemeeter virtual ASIO ports in Cantabile?

Voicemeeter is odd seeming that way in requiring the rebooting steps when installing its drivers, but that’s the way it works.


Thanks for responding @terrybritton

I was hesitant to uninstall Voicemeeter at the risk of breaking settings even if I’ve created backups. Looks like I may have no choice on the matter.

Wish me luck.

Just save your settings from the drop down menu and they will all reload fine after the reinstall. I have many such saved settings files covering different situations, and none have ever let me down. Let me know how it goes!