ASIO - Voicemeeter Potato Insert Virtual ASIO' is missing

Hi there. I´ve a big problem. please see the pic :wink: while setup the Audio driver in Cantabile lite my driver option ‘ASIO - Voicemeeter Potato Insert Virtual ASIO’ is missing. I use the latest Voicemeter Potato and installed the latest ASIO 4ALL Driver. Want to get vst drivers working via Voicemeter Potato for discord voice chat… Do I have the wrong ASIO Driver? How do I fix this? Would be glad for so help! Have a good one!

For starters, you cannot run both the ASIO4ALL and the Voicemeeter ASIO drivers at the same time. There is no benefit in doing such a thing, and it probably will not work anyway.

ASIO4ALL is a wrapper for Windows WDM/KS that makes WDM/KS appear like an ASIO driver to software that needs ASIO. It is not really ASIO. Same goes for the Voicemeeter ASIO driver. But you need to select one or the other.

If you select the ASIO4ALL driver in your audio engine setup, that driver naturally does not include Voicemeeter’s options (like the inserts).

With Potato giving you SO MANY INPUTS AND OUTPUTS I am mystified why, other than for sentimental reasons, you would want to use ASIO4ALL at all.

Just go with Potato. If you can get by with Banana, use that instead as it utilizes fewer CPU resources.


Thank you very much :ok_hand:t3:

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