ASIO Inputs Not Working With Behringer X32 Driver

Hi guys
Been having a play with the Lite V3.0. Love it so far, things have moved along a lot with VST’s since i last looked (maybe the late 90’s…!)
One issue that maybe there’s a reason for as I’m new to the software.
I’m using it with an X32 rack using the Behringer ASIO driver.
I can route 3 synths and 2 effect units to the X32 fine using 10 outputs, all works as expected.
I created a few inputs and setup the routing / assignments which all appear to be correct but i don’t get any signal appearing on the meters or even on a loaded a meter plugin.
I’ve checked the setup with Waves Tracks and all the inputs appear working 100% with the same driver.
Is there anything i need to do in Cantabile to get the inputs working that I’ve missed?
Or is it a driver thing?

***************** Don’t worry, its working. Just found the master input gain slider…*************

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