Arturia's Collection V v5

Hi everyone! I’ve just started with Cantabile and I am very impressed! I’m currently using v4 of Arturia’s Collection V. It works. but the presets don’t load into Cantabile. Can anyone tell me if they load properly with v5? I ask because I can get a good upgrade price! :grinning: I would be tempted if it is more compatible with Cantabile. Thanks!

Arturia works fine for me with presets. You have to right click on the program and check off “change preset on midi program change.” You also also have to check off “entire bank” under state behavior. You will find these plugins work best by using them inside a rack and using state changes to change presets.

  • Paul

Can confirm that it’s working for me. Plus, if you can get a good deal I’d jump all over it for the Synclavier alone!

(Warning! I’f you’re on v4 I don’t think any of the old presets will port over- if you have existing projects and you want to keep them loading properly you’d still have to run v4 alongside v5. I think.)

Arturia has a converter on their page.


Well dang, I didn’t even know that. Sweet.

(Edit- well… Duh lol)

Thanks for the input! I’m using the synths in a rack so I can “bundle” them with the processors I want with them, so I think States are the way to go anyway. I didn’t know about the convert though. lol